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TechSavvy’s services are offered at a flat rate price, rather than an hourly rate as many other computer repair companies do.  The vast majority of work is done at your location.

The base fee for an onsite visit is $40 which includes a basic diagnosis of your issues.  Once your issues have been identified there is then a fee associated with the appropriate resolution.  Some examples of these fees would be:

Virus/Malware Removal + $20.00 PC Tuneup + $20.00
Uninstall Windows 10 + $40.00 Setup/Repair Home Network +$40.00
Setup New Computer + $40.00 Transfer Data to New HD +$40.00
Setup Printer + $20.00 Replace Laptop LCD +$30.00

You may pre-order certain services as a package:

Complete PC TuneupVirus/Malware RemovalBasic Onsite Service Call


We also offer Managed Services to our residential and small-business clients.  These contracts are very flexible and can be tailored to you specific needs.  See Details.


We offer Data Backup Services and Data Recovery Services for both our residential and small business clients. Call 270-350-1019 for more information.




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January 18, 2021